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 {{brainvascterritories.jpg|Brain Vascular Territories}} {{brainvascterritories.jpg|Brain Vascular Territories}}
 {{:aspects-score.png|Aspects Score}} {{:aspects-score.png|Aspects Score}}
 +==== Vertebral Artery Anatomy ====
 +  * Part one is from the origin to the point at which it enters the transverse foramina of either the fifth or sixth cervical vertebra. 
 +  * The second part courses within the intervertebral foramina
 +  * The third part exits behind the atlas and heads towards the foramen magnum.
 +  * The fourth part (intracranial) begins as it pierces thedura and arachnoid mater at the base of the skull, and ends as it meets its opposite vertebral artery to form the midline basilar artery at the level of the medullopontine junction.
 ====== White Matter Dz ====== ====== White Matter Dz ======
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